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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Other Wizard101 Blogs that I Recommend

The two coolest guys in the real and virtual world keep Wizard blogs. [I totally admit bias here] If you get a chance check out:

Logan Thundergem's blog is a story based on Wizard101 that reflects his wacky sense of humor. Narley Charley's Wizard Stories

Cody Skyrider's blog contains tips and tricks. Few people know their way around the game like Cody. Cody Skyrider's Wizard101 Secrets


Unknown said...

My blog is

Unknown said...

i got a blog with some news on it.

Unknown said...

i have my blog just updated with some plans right now, plz see it...

My own school of myth

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! I've been off W101 for a long while now and have recently been wanting to get back into it again. I was a subscribed level 29 fire wizard in marleybone when I began neglecting the game. My family says that if I still enjoy it if I try again, then I can have my membership back. What do you guys think, should I get back into it again or not?

P.S. I know there will be loads of new features but I was wondering if you guys could tell me a bit about them. My name on the game is Megan ShadowFlame and if I do get back into the game i'd love to meet up sometime in the game.

Yours Sincerly,

Megan ShadowFlame

metallica348 said... plz come to my new blogspot i just made it last week and i need some followers

The Drake Rider said...

hey Valerian, I have a new wizard101 blog, can you give me some start-up tips?

Vale said...

Tips for bloggers... hmmm

1) offer something unique
2) write about what you know and enjoy about wizard... if you like the subject of your blog you'll stick with it better
3) visit other blogs and make friends to draw readers to your blog
4) use the words Wizard101 and words associated with Wizard in your posts. This way google will find your blog sooner
5) link to other blogs as google and other search engines will look at your links to see if your content is linked to relevant sites.

Hope these help!

Anonymous said...

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