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Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Houses Coming to Wizard

I popped over to the test realm and tried out the new school based housing options. They are pretty awesome...

Check out the following videos:

Balance House

Death House

Fire House

Ice House

Life House

Myth House

Storm House


ali cross said...

Huh. Well, I can't say as I like my own school's house (fire) much at all. That's a bummer. :( But on the bright side, I love the Life House with Myth my runner-up.

Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

it is chase jadegem once again. you inspired me to ask my parents if i could download the test realm. i first got on your fan link when i was bored on the computer. i read some of your articles and was inspired. i say yesterday that you posted the houses. if i every find out how to post a video on the computer of my character in the test and live realm i will comment under this article again. if you every like to talk to me in live or test realm i will be in pixie area one behind ceren nightchant.
ps can you plz tell people about a group for life on called the knights of the seraph. if you can thx , if not i will understand

Chase Jadegem
(lvl 23 life)

Anonymous said...

hey man can you plz tell people about a site called
me and my friend galen just made it if you want check it out for yourself.

chase jadegem lvl 23 life

Jacob GoldGrove The Adept Ice Wizard said...

Hey Valerian it's me and I have to say the houses are pretty awesome! When I saw the balence house it looked sweet then when I saw the Ice house it looked even cooler like a cooler get it? Well any way on you tube i saw Angel DragonGem solo Malistare so can you make a vidio on you soloing malistare and the whole instance? If you need to get friends to put in the crystals.