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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Distracted by iPhone 5

I wasn't going to post about this but I was looking at my blog stats and realized just how incredibly many people view this site from their iPhone!  So that pushed me over the edge.

A cute little package arrived the other day and well I've been obsessing about it ever since.  I'm not all about new-fangled things but our contract happened to be renewed at the right time and I waited past all the mini-releases of iPhones so I could order the 5 the very night it started selling. 

Yep Rowan stayed up until 1am and ordered our phones.  I did my duty and stayed up with her for moral support even though it meant that I was super tired for work the next day.  That was my contribution to the "new consumer confidence" the news is talking about so wistfully.  I'm glad at least one company besides KingIsle is doing ok these days!

I grew up on Apple products.  My first real computer was an Apple IIgs. Yep.  I've been spoiled ever since.  I don't buy everything out there that other people go for...  I don't spend money on video games (besides Wizard) or on XBox, golf or DVDs or stuff like that.  I tend to wait, save up, and buy a totally epic thing with my money.

So Rowan got the white iPhone and I got the black.  When they arrived it was like a mini birthday moment and we even had an urge to take video the unboxing. (is that nerdy?)  Anyway, we settled for pictures instead!

The 5 is slightly thinner, longer and much lighter than the iPhone 4.  The screen viewing area is half an inch longer but it makes a big difference.  The phone is very pleasing to hold.  A lot of people say that about Apple products but for whatever reason it's true.  It's kind of like a worry stone or something. The case is colored aluminum but is easily scratched unfortunately.  The phone is 4g so it's very fast on the net and has a lot of basic improvements including camera pixel density.

Here is a blurry shot of the back. I'll try to add one that you can actually see better.

Anyway.  This is a small tribute to our iPhone visiting fans.  I'm not saying one phone beats another but I would like to suggest that if you need a thing and you have decided it's of value to you in multiple ways then go for it!  But do be smart these days and save up for stuff that is of lasting value.  For me it was this...  And of course time on Wizard to spend with good friends.  I would recommend if you spend game money that you do it on games like Wizard101 and Pirate101 where you can make lasting friendships rather than shoot-em up games where you sink $100 a month and barely know any one's name.  I get satisfaction from being careful and making sure that money goes toward things of value that make a long term difference.  Times are a getting a little tough and your parents or significant others will love you for being smart with your money.

Never fear. Our contest winners will be announced tomorrow!