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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jewel Crafters Bundle and Level 110 coming soon?

Here is the detail on the Jewel Crafter's Bundle! Wizard gave us one to try out and talk about.

A boss wand for more information see the images below...

It's a good thing this awesome unicorn has a saddle!  I love this thing. It feels fast but is the usual 40%.

Here is the crystaline butterfly pet and it's first talent as a teen. (Ice armor card)

Here is the armor. A bit ostentatious but completely cool. How awesome is it to wear armor that I like to think is made of cubic zirconia. Or diamond is ok I guess.

There are some interesting hammers for the following gems. I assume these remove their namesake gems. I'll be bashing some things to find out.

Here are the different levels of gear.  Here is the

Rockin' the shadow pips here and good block on the shoes! Incoming hearts is always nice.  Granted the crit isn't ultra high but it's not shabby either. Also the tough-plus on the shoes and hat are decent for an Ice Wiz anyway.

SEE! *** level 110+!!! aaaahhhhh!!!  (My guess is November)  When do you think the update will come?

Here are the different levels of wands and their abilities.

A fun bundle!  I'm having fun with the Unicorn and mixing pets like crazy.  Let me know how it turns out for you should you be lucky enough to get one.  Also comment with your guesses about when you think the new world/levels will come out.


P.S. Don't forget to enter the Halloween contest below!

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