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Friday, April 8, 2016

6 New Changes You've Been Waiting For

Yes! There have been changes in the Spiral!

6) Darkmoor and mythic boss adjustments help make them a little easier to farm. Pet dancing for some pets is fixed and crafting slot enhancements and reduced recipe timers make for better making!

5) Housing is now more exciting for us hoarders so we can store up to 100 items of all sorts (including cloths!) in a Gear Vault. Don't forget to buy one in the crown shop or craft one or two. You can have two per house. Toshio in Mooshu has the recipe.  Also, you can now put in-home instances in your HOME instead of on your lawn.

4) A new Star School spell that will help life wizards hit harder. Level 84 and above wizards can train for Devotion which gives a 25% damage boost, 5% pip boost, and 10% reduction in Death resist for 4 rounds.

3) Three skeleton key bosses have been added. Use a wooden skeleton key while visiting the Krokotopia Library to face off against the Rank 4 boss, Ra. A Stone Skeleton Key will unlock rank 13 boss Ixccx Cursedwing inside  Azteca’s Black Sun Pyramid.  Bring a gold key for the greatest challenge… fighting Omen String in River of Frozen Tears in Polaris.

2) New daily rewards for joining the Geravulum Order. You can pick up a cool decorative stone for you house that doubles as a quest jumping off point for the new quests that reward you with gold, arena tickets and CROWNS!

1) New SPELLS! The inbetween world of Arcanum provides wizards 100+ a chance to learn spells from other schools! Each spell costs one training point. Zander, can teach Nature’s Wrath and Forrest Lord. Baba yaga can teach Orthrus. Jake Whisperwind has Power Nova. Tarok Hadfield has Ice Trap and Frost Giant. Igneous Ferric has Fire Dragon.  Ione Virga has Triton and Storm Lord. Qismah Shasa can teach Death Trap and Skeletal Dragon.

Check out all these cool new enhancements and I'll see you online.

Valerian Nightbringer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The spells the you can get at level 100+ in the Arcanum, They are the same spells the you can get from the teachers in ravenwood for training points, why are there not some different spells?