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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building Your Dream Home

Wizard 101 has now been updated with the ability to buy your own home. A nice starter home in Wizard City will set you back only about 8,000 gold for your own slice of virtual heaven. An upscale home (huge one) will cost you between 20,000 and 40,000 depending on which one you get. Each world has it's own flavor of home, oriental style for Mooshu, castle style for Wizard City, Mansion style for Marleybone etc. It's hard to go wrong with the starter home in Wizard City (love jumping down the waterfall) and the Wizard City mansion, Krock homes and Moo homes are all very nice. The Dragonspyre ones are more a matter of taste. Personally for me, grass, water and the absence of spiraling stone ramps is a plus. (but that's just me)

Buy the house you want from the turtle in the shopping district's store in whichever world strikes your fancy. Note: you can buy different sytles of houses in the different worlds.

Buy stuff for it in the shop.

Go to your backpack and the home item marker on the top will allow you to select and equip your house.

Then port home!

Click on the home icon at the lower right side of the screen to start placing your items.

Easy as that!

Here's me chilling (literally) at my new house. * Sorry gratuitous ice wizard joke *

~ Valerian


tony said...

this is really all some dude me readig all about you and can i add you i am Luke death blood a level 58 death wizard

Anonymous said...

Hey i know you luke deathblood I'm Alura Battleheart, lvl 4o btw Thanks Valerian!