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Friday, April 30, 2010

Pet Hatching

Many people have been anticipating an endless variety of pets. Some people have expected it meant that the pets will share the looks of the pets being mixed. For example a firezilla and a colossus might look like part colossus and part zilla. This is not the case. The child of two pets will look exactly like some existing pet in the game. I have heard of someone mixing a wraith and an aurthurus and getting a hydra. I have only seen them come out looking like one of the parents but time will tell.

When you are playing in the test realm and want to get started with pets, check with Merle Ambrose first. He'll set you on your pet quests and give you a pet of your own.


Here's a code for the fastest wizard: 2875A-3L9W7-24NLX-5LL66


Anonymous said...

come on give me a pet

MichaelOwleyes said...

Thanks for the heads up that there are no mixes.

TaraBeara said...

Thanks for telling me this!
I kind of wish it would be a mixture, but then if you mix a piggle and a Krok, it would be pretty ugly huh?
Oh wellz xD

Unknown said...

Really? i mixed and dragon and jade oni and it came out as a dragon with jade oni armor and sword!?!?