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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun With Pets

When you're at your home you can use your object placement feature to place your pets in your housing area. You can put them in a pen, in a room or outside. If your pet likes the area they will dance and or play. If you pet doesn't like the place it will be sad.

When you have pets placed in your housing area try using your emotes and see how your pets react...

When you dance your pet will dance too! Try the other emotes to see the fun ways you can interact with them.

p.s. be sure to read about the great gobbler pet giveaway. And thanks to Autumn Duskhunter for allowing me to rip off her cool gobbler graphic. ty ty



Unknown said...

Code taken!

AW said...

I do not have access to the test realm so I thank you for these updates!

Benjamin StormCloud

MichaelOwleyes said...

Thanks for the tip about the pets!(No wonder Duncan was always sulking around looking sad)

fiona grant said...

hi im not sure how to subscribe...i added you to myyahoo so im hoping that is it,if not im open to any help -)

Wyethia said...

A current fun thing on test--you can level pets up just by interacting with them in your house! I am not sure if this is an accidental bug, but it is fun.

it doesn't increase your pets attributes though--you have to play games to do that.