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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winners of Jaguar Mounts

Below are the winners for the Jaguar Mounts!
I noticed that one got lucky and won twice. I normally only allow someone to win once but this one snuck past me and I sent out the emails before realizing.  So Julian count yourself three times lucky today!
All of the emails are on the way to the winners except for two...
Pirate Skyrider's email was not correct so.... PirateSkyrider, contact me by leaving a comment with your real email address.
David R. leave a comment with your full email address.  (I only have part of it)  As soon as you do I can send you an email.  If you are the real DavidRavenStorm your email address will match and I will know you're the right one.
If Pirate and David don't get back to me by Oct 1st I'll pick two new winners for the Jaguar.
Don't forget to come back for the October Giveaway which has some Halloween-y cool prizes and LOTS of them!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Valerian, This is David RavenCatcher which is (David RavenStorm) on Twitter. I received your email with the Jaguar code. Thank you so much, I am really grateful!!!