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Monday, June 3, 2013

Winterbane Gauntlet Blitz

So the crew of Valerian's School tried out the new instance tower.  At level 90 it was interesting.

At the start there are a few kind of so so bad guys.  After the first few battles you come to a mid point where you have to mix a recipe and if you don't get it right then the guys attack you and it's a long battle.

 As you move through this very long tower the bad guys get worse and do stuff like attack you if you take their shield off using a steal shield.  (have to use a shield break or Quake)

Finally after about 5 hours you get to this guy.  The fire/ice dragon who, for a fire dragon is really really really resistant to ice.  I pretty much had to let the others do the fighting because hitting him with full blades did almost nothing.

 He's finally moving to the great beyond after some balance spells totally pwn him.

When it was all done I think my backpack must have gotten full because I just got a couple crackers and a housing item.  The rest of the crew got blue dragon pets which seems like a good reason to spend hours and hours fighting.  But it was a good bonding experience with many levels to keep you struggling to set up for a big hit and stay alive.  I highly recommend having healing pets and or keep a good life wiz with you.

 When I have more time I'll go in again for that pet but you can bet I'll do it when it's not already late at night!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for guide Vale, I was dying to see how tower looks like and what to expect there. Very well covered tnx again!

P.S. The pet is awesome, Good Luck farming it everyone :D

Llewella Life

Unknown said...

Let me tell you, I try it with a friend and from level 1 is impossible to beat if you're not high level.