Monday, August 8, 2011

Cody Skyrider - About to release a wizard scoop

Cody Skyrider (Scoop Writer) is working on a mega scoop.  Stay tuned here for more detail.  And while you're waiting go check out the test realm and the new magic schools in Pigswick academy.  Who ever knew we had a rival school!!!  This is quite a surprise and boy has Ambrose been holding out on us!

Even though the magic schools here are kind of upside down they are very interesting with some unique teachers with strange takes on our magic schools. I wonder if they'll eventually fork over the cool spells? I'll scour the spiral until I find more!

It only took a few minutes of looking around before I was convinced that this new school isn't so bad.  How can I get a transfer?

Valerian Nightbringer

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Benjamin Dragonsword said...

actually you should read the Pigswick papers and rethink that transfer lol.