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Friday, August 12, 2011


We are giving away 15 Tranquil Cottages in our new contest!
Entering is easy... email me an idea of something you want to read about on the Valerian's School blog.  

I'll pick the 12th and 22nd email each day as a winner until all the houses are given away.  If there aren't 22 entries or even 12 I'll pick the first and last.  The contest will end August 22nd so visit every day between now and then.

Happy emailing!  If you're a young wizard I recommend getting your parent to email for you.  This will keep you safe and help make sure technical problems don't stand in your way.

Here are some pictures of the tranquil cottage to motivate you!

Check out the House-A-Polooza homepage at: Visit the official House-a-palooza homepage!

Thank you all for reading.  Let me know what you are dying to hear on our blog.

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~Valerian Nightbringer


Anonymous said...

I am told they can't find your email.

Anonymous said...

can you e-mail multiple times a day?

Anonymous said...

Nice its awesome!!!!

i'd want that house!!

Julia Rainbreaker

lvl 48

ninga234 said...

me too!!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

awesome dude

just2ramble said...

why cant i enter? its not 22nd yet ;-(

Aaron TitanCaster said...

In your pictures to get us "motivated", the house is decorated. For this contest, are house we get from the codes already decorated? Or did you take pictures of the house that was already decorated? Thanks!

-Aaron T.Caster