Monday, August 8, 2011

The Scoop ...

Well ,well ,well. It's been for ever since I have posted here but I do hope to finally post more scoops and interesting things I find in the spiral.  The test realm is open with the awesome world Wysteria as well as some other updates to the game that can be found in the update notes.
Wysteria is home to Pigswick academy which as Vale said, is pretty opposite to us.  I am almost through Pegasus place (Died on last boss there. I was using a polymorph and he killed me with a bloodbat XD).

But I've noticed some things...
First, The name of the academy: Pigswick. The name of our academy: Ravenwood. Anyone see a connection to Harry Potter? Griffindor? Slytherin? Anyways, For the real scoop!
Here it is. The main point of the scoop. Dun dun dun!
When your almost to Pegasus Place Miss Dowager sends you to your dorm. One of the students there is a cat- ( sorry about the name I think it's Nalia Dunestrider but I don't remember.)  She's dress in what I imagine is persian clothing (Yes. purrsian. I know har de har har.) She's also using a scimitar. When you talk to her she says she's from a world called Mirage here's a quote:

"I'm not surprised you haven't heard of my world, Mirage is a small oasis in a desert of mystery."
Now this could just be random, but with sultans palace and the fact she goes in depth a bit about her world makes me bet any money Mirage will be the next world.
There's your scoop I hope I have another soon! I think the next world will be Mirage - a cat world with a Persian flavor!
Cody Skyrider (Cody Scoopwriter)

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Benjamin Dragonsword said...

That's some excellent theory-crafting. Mirage may be our next world or at least one of our upcoming worlds.