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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does your level affect card pack items?

Yes!  If you are close to level 70 but not there yet you may have reason to wait until you level up to open that new card pack you bought.  Some items you get from the card pack will apparently auto adjust down to the level you are or just below.  This is to keep you from winning items that you can't use - which is cool in a strange kinda way.

But you may want to consider leveling up to one of those magical cut off levels where you can get new gear.  (usually a level ending in a 2 or an 8)  In this case though I hear that you can score a level 70 wand if you wait until you're level 70 to open a Raven's hoard pack.  I haven't won anything like a wand yet in half a million packs *a small exaggeration* so I'm not the best judge of that!  But I hear it from very reliable sources :D  The level 70 wand rules from that stats that I've seen.

I wish there was an accuracy spell I could cast on myself just before I open a card pack so I don't get stuck with wallpaper, stones and chicken platters again.


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