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Monday, January 30, 2012

Zafaria - Questing Deck Setup

My favorite street deck to quest with in Zafaria:  - You can find equivalent cards in most schools except perhaps Life and death which both take more pips to get a multi-hit ready -

main deck
ice dome (in case of myth bad guys)
2 regular ice blades
dragon blade (from pet)
2 blizzard
1 frosty
2 tower shield
1 Satyr

gargantuan cards

I typically put up a blade and maybe a dome and then make gargantuan blizzards as needed and I can usually do about 900 damage set up like this.  This is typically about half of the health the bad guys have.  If the blizzard goes crit then you're basically done super fast.  Your questing buddies should throw similar gargantuan hits of about 4 pips for a quick finish.  With one other good wizard set up this same kind of way you can get through the collecting quests pretty fast.  If you have 3 wizards or more then all the better.  Of course may-cast Spritely, or may-cast Unicorn pet with some shielding is always extra fluffy for questing so try to mix one if you get the chance.

I'll post about a Zafaria boss deck soon.


What is your favorite questing deck setup?

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