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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New game at the KI Free Games

I'm a sucker for tower defense games.  They're kind of challenging and mindless at the same time.  So I was thrilled to see that KI has added a new game that gives you XP for your PET (by the way, if you didn't catch that I said for YOUR PET)  What's not sweet about that?

I played it and it's pretty basic even while being complicated at the same time.  Sadly it ends after two rounds and you may get about 4 pet XP for 4 of your Wiz's pet energy.  I'd like to see it go on until your pet food gets all eaten like what happens at our house when Rocky and Jack attack the food dishes.

Anyway, it's new and different and lets you train your pet while playing on the browser so what's not to like?


Here's a funny for ya.  Idk if you can follow it exactly but it's a little cartoon of a duel my friends and I had recently.  Sadly we don't duel so much any more due to death weakness spam (spam is anything that there is too much of).  But this duel was a fun one.  What made it really funny was that I messed up big time and dispelled their life guy just as my team-mate beguiled the life guy.  That usually leads to a wasted turn and the loss of the game.  This was one strange case where that didn't happen!  Their on-the-ball storm wiz fixed our problem for us with a rare move.
I have to give gratz to the other team.  They were really good and we wouldn't have won without first cast.

So if you can follow this zany little cartoon you may find it entertaining.

1 comment:

M.W.S said...

Interesting, nice post man - and good duel, for now I'm gonna stick with 1v1.