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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reagent Buying

So it would seem that millions of you are embarking on your Zafaria crafting gear based on the scarcity of sand stone and stone blocks.  I went through all the realms on Saturday and collected a few stone blocks until a full trip of the realms produced 0 (zero) stone blocks.  It reminds me of the Zorg guy on 5th Element where he says "Zero stones, zero crates!"
I spent days at the bazaar trying to pick up some crafting items only to see several hundred available for a millionth of a second and then gone...  This happened so many times that after I took a breather to clear my head I began to experiment with the purchasing interface at the bazaar.  Within a few minutes I was able to do what I think others were doing that were ALWAYS beating me to buying the items.


Here's what you do:
1) Spot the item in the list that you want and click buy multiple (it will have already been sold out by the time you even see the item so don't stress out)
2) Click the slider on the buy multiple to the maximum or as close as you can. Clicking it one at a time will take forever and will only frustrate you so just click in the bar near the right side of the bar near the Max marker.
3) Click buy - it will probably say you didn't get any
4) Click on the Buy Multiple button again, and repeat steps 2-4 as quickly as possible.  Sooner or later you'll see this wonderful message!  (otherwise you're never going to see it)

Using this method you will eventually get some of the item.  This sniping method is the only logical explanation for how you can have 270 items and then 0 in less time that it takes to click "Buy" and "Ok"
I hate to give out these kind of tips because it means that I'll get fewer items in the bazaar when I'm desperate but given how frustrated I was the other day, I can't bear the thought of how frustrated younger wiz must be that can't manage to buy any crafting items they need.
See you at the bazaar until they add a good place to get sandstone :)

And P.S. for the people looking to find the Conga drum recipe... it's sold by the crafting guy in the commons of Celestia.  Why does Celestia have conga drums and not the more well-travelled Marleybone?  Hard to say but space aliens like music too!  So keep that in mind when you start your crafting quest in ZF.


ali cross said...

LOL Of course I loved the 5th Element reference :D

Thanks for the tips here!

M.W.S said...

Haha, that's what I do most of the time, clicking once is frustrating indeed. Also, you have to do some research on the web (W101 Central - Wiki) inorder to come up with plans on attaining the reagents faster.

Overall, good advice, nice post.

Rowan WindFlower said...

Thanks for your hints and tips on getting reagents. That has been on my mind a lot lately. Whenever I read somewhere about suggestions for improving Wizard101, I think of the scarcity of resources, leading to such frustration ingame. As soon as I make a new character, I grab every reagent I can find, so that my level 70 character can have it for her crafting quests. I've become a realm jumper, just to try to get reagents. Sadly, this does not help much in finding reagents, as so many others are doing the same thing. Forget about trying to gather reagents at "off hours" either, as there is always someone gathering them at any time of the night or day. I love Wizard101, I love crafting, but the lack of reagents is something that I would hope Wizard101 is looking into fixing some day soon. Thanks again for your post.

M.W.S said...

Hey, check this out - spread data on other sites:

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Malorn WillowSmith Grub Guardians - alternate way to level up your pets, go play today! (Wizard101 US Servers)