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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Blogger Battle

A few of us (Fallon -, Amanda -, Joseph and myself ) were hanging out in the arena area and joined a 4x4 battle together. It wasn't until we got in there that we realized that we were a team of all bloggers. It was kind of a strange experience realizing that each of the others were probably hatching writing ideas from it and taking pictures.

Evil Theurgist is about to die as he goes to "check" his site. (was he scooping us and posting already? all those unused pips look very suspicious)

Sven trying to buy a little time for a much needed recovery.

Amanda saving Evil from an eternity of head-wobbling humiliation.

Fallon delivering the final "touch" on the battle.


Anonymous said...

Lol lets just say "Maintence" - Evil

Fatal Exception said...

Nice! Bloggers unite!

"..and as long as a single one of us still stand, we are legion."

Robert DragonHeart said...

nice battle. you also have a great place here.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Just to let you know about my first ever Comic Contest!

-Anyone can enter!
-The comic has to be Wizard 101 related
-Entries can be submitted between July 22-August 13
-No run-offs of anyone elses comics!
-The winner's ( 2-3 ) will get to make a comic with me. Except YOU get to make up the theme!
- You must submit all comics to me via e-mail;
-Have fun! And relax, there's no rush in this race!

Good Luck

Countess Shadowbane said...

LOL what fun! Arena has been one adventure after another lately - this battle, the other 2 hour epic ending in server shut down among many others. All have been a blast!

Fallon Shadowblade said...

That was certainly a great battle! Thanks for posting the pics. I didn't take as many as I should have. We need to have more blogger battles. Hey..Blogger Battles. Yeah. :P