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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full Instance Bug and How to Fix it

I'm sure all of you have noticed recently that most of your friends are in "full instances". This is a bug created by the new update to Wizard linked to the new privacy feature.

You can fix it by going to your game settings...

Click on the Privacy Settings

Then change your setting to not allow friends to port then repeat and set to allow friends to port to you. This will reset and allow one friend to teleport. So with each additional friend wanting to port you will have to repeat this process.

Fallon Shadowblade also posts about this same issue because it has had such a huge impact on the playability of Wizard lately. Check out her site.


The Evil Theurgists said...

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Fatal Exception said...

Thank you so much!

Jacob GoldGrove said...

Hey it's Jacob GoldGrove and i got that person from the evil thurist blog coming if i win treasure cards. Oh remember that duel with all bloggers on your team? I read about it and it was AWESOME! Oh and P.S. i need a partner for player versus player.

The adept ice,
Jacob Gold Grove P.S. ice wizards Rule!

Jacob GoldGrove said...

Jacob Gold Grove here i read your blog for a year and i LOVE it!

P.S I'm your number one fan!

Jacob GoldGrove said...

How do you create your own blog spot any way?