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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wizard Graveyard

I started something for my friends as in the last week three of them lost significant friends. Even though it's a virtual thing that takes no physical effort to do on the part of the person deleting it is very real and painful. In an effort to recognize this and give people closure I decided to make a place where people could say goodbye to their good friends who deleted them.

Please visit there a leave a marker if you would like to remember a past friendship.



Countess Shadowbane said...

A beautiful and yet incredibly sad idea my friend. I am sure it will help us all. Good thing that when we lose someone close, we still have others there to lean on. Thank you for this additional way to say goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of wizard Graveyard.
Onto other matters, I wan't to know if I can add you to my friends list. I've followed this site since nearly the beginning and I love it. Please tell me a date, time, time location (U.S. Central, U.S. Est. etc.), realm, area, and location.

-Luke Emeraldrider

Vale said...

Dear Luke, my friend list has been full for some time with friends I know very well and sometimes with their other characters. I never want to offend any of them by taking them off my list since they are all special to me. From time to time a friend will abandon a character and it gives me a chance to add someone new. If this opportunity presents itself i may have room to add you. But I also like to get to know a wizard on the game and if they are a good person I will add them as friend list room becomes available.

It means a lot to me that you want to be my friend.


Anonymous said...

Plz tell me if there ever is a time where you can be my friend.
-Luke Emeraldrider

Vale said...

You will be the first to know. Thanks Luke!

Dugan GoldGrove said...

Dear Valerian,

I know were in krock you can find parchment I'll only tell you if you be my friend. I want to assemble of team of high wizards and I want you to be in it. Let me know if you have time to be my friend.
I have mostly masters and grand masters.
P.S. I go on this website more than any one.

The master of Balance,
Dugan GoldGrove

Valkoor StormBlood said...

if any body needs a friend to help them find valkoor stormblood level 15 ice

Anonymous said...

This makes me really sad. Just YESTERDAY my cousin, who introduced to me the game almost ayear ago, who has been playing for idk how long, just flat out quit and started continuing that dumb Fusion Fall game on Cartoon Network (bleh!). His name is Jack EarthCloud, and just yesterday I got him to lvl 48 and I went on my Ice and Storm (lvl 49 and 50) and helped him get the Rebirth spell. Then he just lent over to me his silly account. I didn't REALLY enjoy this, especially by the fact that i thought my 49 ice and his life would make a good pvp team. His life isn't deleted yet, but I really wish he would come back by himself, instead of me on his account at the same time as i am on mine :(.
-The Christopher Family
(Storm, Frost, LegendCaster & MoonGem(MoonGem is on Jack's account), Silver, DragonFlame and FairyRider
*I wish all of you who lost good W101 friends good luck. Know that they CAN'T be replaced.

The Legend of the Everlasting Christopher Legacy

Unknown said...

I wonder why i keep deleting people... its sad for me to delete them, and then they port to another friend and find me and add me... especially the boys, yuck! So then i tell them i ONLY add people lvl 40 and up (NOT TRUE) then they still add me which i said NO, and just go on my weaker ones. Then they r still able to find me. I finally add them to my list, slowly it fills up, i have to delete more weaker ones around 10-20 something. Which is sad, cause i only hang out with the stronger ones, when the weaker ones need help, i have to say no to them, cause of dungeons in the new world. I dont see them much, so i just delete them in the end.

Vanessa Soulhunter ~~

Anonymous said...

My name is Alex Darkblade
I am in dragonspyre, and i would like to become a friend, i lost a good friend a while back, a person whose name i dont remember, and they helped me on almost all my quests up to marlybone... i am really out of my league here in dragonspire!

Connor Stormstalker said...

Great Idea!