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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boss Fixes For GH and Malistaire

If you had the pleasure of dying at Malistaire's hand or from the bosses at the end of GH you will notice a change in the game as of last night. Wizard101 patched the bosses so that they are at least defeatable now. I know that they claimed the changes were a puzzle to be solved etc. however those of us who were there, got to see the buggy zero pip spell casting that made it possible for them to do large attacks without using a single pip. I for one enjoyed the greater challenge and will be disappointed if they set them back to being easy. I simply hope that they have fixed the zero pip casts.

Let me know how you find the new Jade Oni, GH bosses and Malistaire.

~ Valerian

1 comment:

Xinaed said...

From what I read on the Central, the Jade Oni, and Malistaire fights are back to being very easy, in their words not mine. For someone like me, who's just barely made it to Journeyman on my main char, that still, would seem hard. Heh.