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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Response to a couple questions

The Safehouse tower
Of note when you get to the level with the boxes the safe order of removal is this:
3 2 1 4 5  So middle one first, then to the left then to the right.

On the floor with the snake and sun squares... you may want to unequip your pet as the last time we went in a pet triggered the snake square and we got pulled.

On the first boss
a) don't blade up on your first cast as the boss will quake
b) DO NOT HIT unless you can kill the storm minion! Every hit will get you interrupted and Stun Lorded

On the last boss
a) no feints
b) no traps
c) don't rebirth or the life minion will copy your heal.  SO, blade up and kill the minions asap.
d) bring some fire dispels or lots of shields as the fire guy will do a FIRE cheezeball!  (not dragon any more)

Relearning arena
The 4 stun shield fix has altered arena a little bit making a lot of teams re-evaluate how they pvp.  Many teams would either stun until they had someone set up sufficiently to kill you with one hit.  Or a lot of other teams would do single-double which is for example a Storm Lord for the stun, followed by two in a row to create the effect of a double stun.  Often teams would use these strategies to put the other team at a disadvantage or to recover from the second cast deficit.  Also life wizards would use the stun cycle to rebirth so they wouldn't get beguiled.  Now complicate that with life dispel and interesting developments have occurred that cause arena goers to re-evaluate how to play.

Most wiz fall into two different camps now: 1) those that are embracing the change and learning how to hit hard and fast and 2) those that are trying to game the system still.

The last few days we were in arena and we noticed significantly increased bolting from all wizards.  (Some figured out how to trade bolts through the bazaar.  I'm still investigating that.)  And the other common thing now is storm, myth and storm possibly with a life wizard or another myth.  Their goal is pretty simple: Storm Lord, Quake (to take off shields) and repeat to achieve the chain stun effect.  We ran into exactly such a team but being ice wizards we survived the chain thanks to a couple white pips on the part of the myth wizard which allowed us a break from another chain stun.  Their team mate begged their storm to wait until quake was ready but he didn't and we were able to hit the next pass.

So people are trying to find their grove... either back to the past of chaining or toward a new strategy.

Personally I think it's great to mix it up and learn how to adjust to new things.

Here at Valerian's School we've campaigned for fixing of bolt and chaining.  Thanks to the makers of Wizard101 who are actively working on these things.  Fair pvp is a great draw to the game and we applaud any effort to make the experience better.  I think in time the inequities will be worked out gradually as people speak up.  I for one can't wait to see what the Celestia schools do!

Again I'd love to put in a plug for a new death spell that you cast on yourself that would cause anyone who killed you in that turn to die no matter what shields they had or how much health. :)  Think of it as the ULTIMATE feint!

Spot me in my Indian hat on the game for a fun prize.  Say hi and then message me on the blog and you might earn a deck makeover for pvp 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 or some other random thing and a picture posted in the blog. 

See you around the spiral,
Valerian Nightbringer


M.W.S said...

Great. I saw you in-game I'm your friend i won't enter the contest though!

Vale said...

I'll call you on that one. Send me a pic of your deck and I'll have a look at it. Your choice, 1v1 setup, 2v2 3v3 or 4v4, or street battle.

At least you'd get to learn how I would set it up so it might give you a clue how to beat me in pvp.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I do wish they would take the 4-stun-shields out of PVE, though. It makes the warehouse harder.

Sierra Starsong said...

The 4x stun shields make sense for PvP, but it's kinda annoying when they show up in Boss fights, isn't it? (It bugs me, anyway.) Guess we can't have it both ways.

axel1547 said...

i have saw a lot of indians just today i saw tree valerians tree diferent ones wit an indian hat