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Thursday, July 8, 2010

School's In Session Contest and CELESTIA PRE-QUEST UPDATE TONIGHT?

Celestia Prequests Out?
Cody Skyrider (Scoop) tells me that indications are that the pre-quest stuff including the tower, arena fix and other updates may go into tonight's maintenance.  He cites as evidence the link to the July update notes on the notice. :)  I think he's on to something.

Schools In Session Contest

So far MysteryJellyfish aka Amber StarGem had the winning idea.  (Amber contact me for you interim prize)

A bunch of other ideas were submitted and will be added to the poll.

1) use pips for your other school spells
2) balefrost to add a trap to all players
3) a random blast of all of a schools spells for a "wild" spell
4) a post office to leave messages for offline players
5) a bank to put gold into that earns interest
6) instead of discarding items or selling items a charity bank to donate cloths and gear to
7) super pip = 3 pips

An idea that I had recently was, what if there was a bazaar in each of the worlds and... prices at the bazaar changed fairly significantly from time to time fluctuating maybe based on stock levels etc.  What this would do would be to create a trade cycle like the game Tiapan.  I don't know if any of you are old enough to remember that ancient game for the AppleII.  It allowed you to trade from land to land and make money off the margins of the cost of goods in each place.  Remote outposts naturally paid a little more for some goods.  In time you could become a super-trader with massive purchasing credit or if you had enough gold you didn't need credit.  This kind of system would be very "sticky" for users and would create a means by which you could finance pet mixing without maybe soooo much farming.  BUT, in the game of Taipan the trading outposts forced you to pass by some dangerous places and random pirate attacks.  Maybe wizard could do the same.  If you were damaged or had a difficult time of fending off the attackers they could rob you of items and or gold that you hadn't "banked".  Likewise if you beat them, you could take their spoils which might be a little or a lot.

Just a little fun idea for Wizard101. Should KingIsle be willing to take on any of these additions as part of future updates we as a group would be very proud that yet more ideas from these fans made it into the game.

Valerian Nightbringer


M.W.S said...

Heck, that's awesome!

AW said...

I had an idea that henchmen could be able to respond to simple commands such as "I need healing" or "I got the boss" in menu chat.

I already submitted it on the Test Realm as an idea from the bug button.

Jacob GoldGrove said...

Hey Valerian on your next post can you decsribe celestia?